Vienna Tournament 2017

Zurich Sapphires team represented the Swiss national team at the Vienna Tournament of 5 series between Swiss-Austria with 7 aside. Switzerland won 4/5 matches and rose to   victory bringing back the first cup won by the womens team in Cricket Switzerland.

From left to right are the following players names

Varsha Patil, Sudha Shanmugam, Paulina Krataka, Jennifer Hallam,

    Mrinalika Singh Dev, Vijy Chittakkattu and Veena Mampilly.

The victory for Switzerland doubled as our player Paulina who displayed some excellent cricket skills throughout the series,  was awarded the player of the series. Congrats Paulina!.


A proud moment for our players,

our club and Switzerland.

Hopp Schwizz Hopp Sapphires!!